Afa Annfa and her exploration of human interconnectedness

We are delighted to announce that Afa Annfa’s artworks have finally arrived to Août!

They will be on display starting Octobor 22nd, as part of our upcoming group exhibition:

“Between Visions.” Afa’s paintings have traveled all the way from Hong Kong, and have greeted us with wonder and a bit of magic.

Ciao, 2021 Afa Annfa

This work is part of a newly developed series of paintings created as part of the artist’s ongoing contemplation of the current world and human interconnectedness. Inspired by the ‘hoop’ which stems from the Olympics five interlocking rings symbolising the connection of the five continents, a union of all, she explores the concepts of “distance,” “togetherness” and what is “home”. Reflecting on the human interconnectedness in the present time in the pandemic affected world, the gradually intensified space race and even postponement of the Olympics, drawing back to her personal experience, the artist, Afa Annfa has been contemplating how it affects us in the long run and what should we expect next.

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