MINYOUNG KIM — The Fish Tank

The Fish Tank, 2021

Acrylic on Unstretched Canvas

130 x 157 cm

The Fish Tank, 2021 Minyoung KIM

Minyoung Kim :

This work is inspired and painted by my dreams.
The crescent moon, the vase, the sitting cat in the table and even the fish in the fish tank look peaceful.
But if you look closely, the scenery beyond the fish tank is gradually filling with water.
The fallen girl’s shoulder is already filled with water but she is in a deep sleep, and the cat is watching her with interest.
The girl in deep sleep dreams of falling into the water even in her dreams.
This is a poem that I thought of when I fell into the water in my dream’s dream.
I sink
with a dazzlingly cold wave and its vivid touch
Memories, moisture, they all vanish
The clouds of the day
Sinking memory
The last sentence that never come to my mind


Minyoung Kim




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