Qin Tan



Qin Tan (born in Beijing, China) graduated with a BFA in General Fine Arts from Maryland Institute College of Art in 2015.


Tan’s work is often introspective, exploring internal dialogues and methods of expression that are observant of what it means to be human in the present day. The subjects of her paintings range from surreal landscapes to symbolic stick man figures that occasionally morph into different objects and tools. They reflect and capture life in its most pure and primordial form—blue skies, green grass and a conscious observer that is looking for answers and meaning.


The artist is currently based in New Jersey, USA.


« This body of work is an introspective exploration of internal dialogues and
methods of expression that reflect on what it means to be human in the present
day. » – (Qin Tan)




  • 2021    Museum Belowground, JPS Gallery- Hong Kong, China (Upcoming)
  • 2021    Let’s Connect, Marian Cramer Project- Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • 2021    Being Human, Port Authority- NY, USA
  • 2020    Not Your Monolith, COCA- Seattle, Washington, USA



  • 2015    BA General Fine Arts, Maryland Institue College of Art- Baltimore, MD, USA
  • 2013    Studio Art Center International SACI- Florence, Italy



  • 2019    Wassaic Project, Fellowship- Wassaic, NY, USA
  • 2018    Vermont Studio Center, Artist Grant- Johnson, Vermont, USA
  • 2017    NEXT STAGE Program, Fremont Abbey Art Center- Seattle, WA, USA
  • 2014    Pantocrator Gallery- Shanghai, China


  • 2021    ArtMaze Magazine Issue 22
  • 2021    ArtMaze Magazine Issue 23


  • 2017    Tacoma Artists Initiative Program Award- Tacoma, WA, USA
  • 2016    Artist Trust, Grant for Art’s project “Glitch and Ambience”- Seattle, WA, USA



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