Marius Seidlitz



Marius Seidlitz (born in Bayreuth, Germany, 1985) graduated with a Fine Arts degree from the Bauhaus University.

The artist is also a master engraver and designer.


Seidlitz’s main source of inspiration is the female body; in its fluidity, imperfections, and plethora of forms. By combination the feminine curvilinear elements and with intensive colors of oil paint, the artist generates the various characters of his artworks.

However, the outcome constitutes a paradox; there is a constant tension between attraction and repulsion of colorful dynamic lines, intertwined with surreal, but nonetheless accurate depictions of the female body, in an homage-like manner. It is specifically in these constant contradictions that lie the true motive of the artist; the exploration of the complexity of the human psyche, particularly in the requestioning of the notion of beauty.


Today, Seidlitz resides and works in Bayreuth, Germany.




  • 2021    The Beginning, Gallery 47- Næstved, Denmark
  • 2021    Kv Kulmbach, Badehaus- Kulmbach, Germany (upcoming)
  • 2021    Bodypainted, Gallery Konstanze Wolter- Chemnitz, Germany (upcoming)
  • 2020    Körper-farbe-raum, Art-Of Gallery- Offenbach, Germany
  • 2020    Kv Kulmbach, Obere Stadtgalerie- Kulmbach, Germany
  • 2020    Naked & Xposed, Knox Gallery- Calgary, Canada
  • 2020    Searching for Freedom, Stadtgalerie Bad Soden- Bad Soden, Germany
  • 2020    Locked In, Stoeckelkeller- Haag, Germany
  • 2019     Kv Kulmbach, Turbinenhaus- Kulmbach, Germany
  • 2019    Artbox Project Miami 2.0, Miami Design District- Miami, FL, USA
  • 2019    Art Parma Fair, Mop Gallery- Parma, Italy
  • 2019    Paviart, Mop Gallery- Pavia, Italy
  • 2018    Produzentengalerie- Berlin, Germany
  • 2018    12vor5, Gallery Hop- Barmberg, Germany
  • 2016    University of Finance And Economics- Shanghai, China
  • 2016    Look for Open Gallery, Gallery Eartis Contemporary- Chemnitz, Germany
  • 2014    No!Art Project, Gallery Kunststück- Berlin, Germany
  • 2013    The Vhv Versicherungen Ag Headquarters- Hanover, Germany



  • 2021    It’s Too Late for Postcards, Fondazione Michetti- Francavilla Al Mare, Italy (upcoming)
  • 2021    Venice int.artfair 2021, Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello- Venice, Italy (upcoming)
  • 2020    Follow the White Rabbit, Ph Winterthur- Winterthur, Switzerland
  • 2020    Sugar, We Are Going Down!, Hearthouse- Munich, Germany
  • 2019    The Body Pays the Bill, Popup Copenhagen- Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 2019    Somewhere in Neverland, Forum Phoenix- Bayreuth, Germany
  • 2015    Huntenkunst, International Artfair- Ulft, The Netherlands
  • 2013    Brotkatze Collab, Gallery Kunststück- Berlin, Germany
  • 2013    Huntenkunst, International Artfair- Ulft, The Netherlands
  • 2012    Dreamscapes– Hannover, Germany
  • 2002    Art Project Kastor , Gallery Rothamel- Erfurt, Germany


  • 2012    Further Education, “Craft Industry Designer”- Weimar, Germany
  • 2010    Self-Employed Artist/ Draftsman/ Engraver
  • 2010    Admission to The Funding Program of The Federal Ministry of Research and Education- Germany
  • 2008    Journeymans Degree State and Federal Winner in The Engraving Trade
  • 2005    3-year Engraver Trainee, National Engraving School- Suhl, Germany
  • 2004    Fine Arts, Bauhaus University- Weimar, Germany




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