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Jin Han Lee

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Born in 1982, in Seoul, South Korea, Jin Han Lee graduated from Hongik University with a BFA in painting in 2006 and received her MFA from Goldsmiths, London in 2012.

As a Korean Artist and a researcher based in the UK, Lee developed a heightened understanding of language. In her works, she utilizes this awareness to her advantage, by exploring the permeability of language, in what’s lost in translation, and what’s untranslatable. These depictions of miscommunication are representations of her personal everyday experiences.

In order to communicate what is inexpressible with words, Lee resorts to the oil medium, that she transforms in an unorthodox manner; whether in its texture, movement, color or even scale to create unique fragmented spaces. Her artworks are multi-layered, containing a variety of meanings, stories, and references that will be interpreted by the viewer.

Currently, Lee resides and works in London where she is currently completing her Ph.D. in Fine Art (practice-led) at Slade School of Fine Art, UCL.



  • 2018   Missing You, Gallery EM- Seoul, South Korea
  • 2017   Running To You, Sophie’s Tree- New York, USA
  • 2015   Your Night My Day, Gallery EM- Seoul, South Korea
  • 2012   I Eat Vomit, HADA Contemporary- London, UK
  • 2012   Postmodernism of the Beholder-Landscape of the Concept, Alternative Space Loop- Seoul, South Korea


  • 2021    Young Dreams, Août Gallery – Beirut, Lebanon
  • 2020    Jeju Biennale 2020- Jeju, South Korea (forthcoming)
  • 2019    04, PM/AM- London, UK
  • 2019    Deptford X festival (curated section)– London, UK
  • 2019    Kupala festival 2019: Lunar Edition, Phytology- London, UK
  • 2019    Sharing Borders, The Slade Research Centre, UCL- London, UK
  • 2018    Two Person Show (with Alec Kronacker), Compressor,-London, UK
  • 2018    The Day in the Evening (with Phoebe Unwin and Tom Worsfold), Space K- Gwacheon, South Korea
  • 2018    Colour and Emotion, UCLH- London, UK
  • 2017    Art Basel Hong Kong (represented by Gallery EM, Seoul)– Hong Kong, China
  • 2017    The Intercontinental, Roaming Room- London, UK
  • 2016    Zona VIP (curated by David Armengol), Passatge Studio, Swab Art Fair- Barcelona, Spain
  • 2015    Today’s Salon, Common Center- Seoul, South Korea
  • 2015    Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2015, ICA- Nottingham & London, UK
  • 2013    Tradition, Pump House Gallery- London, UK
  • 2013    Two Persons Show (with Ji-Sun Lee), HADA Contemporary- London, UK
  • 2012    Meta Empire, Daegu Exco- Daegu, South Korea
  • 2012    Saatchi Gallery New Sensations 2012 (curated by Rebecca Wilson), B1 Space- London, UK
  • 2011    2011 Joong-Ang Fine Art Prize Exhibition, Hangaram Museum, Seoul Arts Center- Seoul, South Korea
  • 2011    Embracing the Void, Albemarle Gallery- London, UK
  • 2011    I am Solitary, 10 Vyner street Gallery- London, South Korea
  • 2010    Future Futures Future: Korean Contemporary Artists, Korean Cultural Centre- London, South Korea
  • 2010    Guasch Coranty Painting Prize, Center of Art Tecla Sala- Barcelona, Spain
  • 2010    Open Painting, Royal West England Academy- Bristol, UK
  • 2009    Gathering Storms, Bayfield Hall-Norfolk, UK


  • 2019    Artist in Residence, Elephant Lab Residency (in partnership with New Contemporaries)- London, UK
  • 2016    Artist in Residence, Wimbledon College of Art- London, UK
  • 2015    Artist in Residence, The Sarabande- Lee Alexander Mcqueen Foundation- London, UK
  • 2015    Selected Artist, Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2015- London, UK
  • 2015    The Jean Spencer and Malcolm Hughes Bursary, Slade School of Fine Art, UCL- London, UK
  • 2015    The Postgraduate Research Student Fund, UCL- London, UK
  • 2015    Seoul Museum of Art Emerging Artist Grant- Seoul, South Korea
  • 2012    Finalist for Saatchi Gallery and Channel 4 New Sensations 2012- London, UK\
  • 2012    Saatchi Gallery x Absolut Vodka Commission 2014- London, UK
  • 2011    The Second Prize, 2011 Joong-Ang Fine Art Competition- Seoul, South Korea
  • 2011    Finalist for Alternative Space LOOP Young Artist Open Submission- Seoul, South Korea
  • 2011    Finalist, I am Solitary, Beers. Lambert Contemporary- London, UK
  • 2010    Finalist for 2010 Guasch Coranty Painting Prize- Barcelona, Spain


  • Hyundai Capital- Seoul, South Korea
  • Art Busan- Seoul, South Korea
  • Joongang Daily- Seoul, South Korea
  • Kolon Corporation- Seoul, South Korea
  • MMCA Art Bank- Seoul, South Korea
  • Sarabande -The Lee Alexander McQueen Foundation- London, UK
  • Soho House Barcelona- Barcelona, Spain
  • Swiss Re- Zurich, Switzerland


  • 2014- PhD Fine Art (practice-led) Slade School of Fine Art, UCL- London, UK
  • 2012 MFA Fine Art, Goldsmiths- London, UK
  • 2006 BFA Painting, Hongik University- Seoul, South Korea


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