Florine Imo



Florine Imo is an Austria based artist, currently working and studying in the Academy of fine Arts, Vienna. Florine’s paintings are evolving around her figures, which she sees as part of herself, but also as actors, playing out different life scenarios. The Artist works on canvas as well as on paper, using mainly soft pastels, acrylics and oil color. Imo’s paintings fluctuate between euphoric party scenes, playful, stereotypical representations of females and secretive meetings which the viewer just stumbled upon and interrupted. Her work creates a universe where women turn into mischievous, secretive, imperfect goddesses and start to live a life of their own. It’s as her figures exist already out of our perception and decide to show up in Florines paintings from time to time. The artist sees her figures as independent beings, caring for each other, working together and building up their own cosmos.



  • 2021    MOVING INLAND, group show, 100 State- Madison WI, USA
  • 2021    Fireball, Installation, On Space- Vienna, Austria
  • 2021    Wir Sperren Einfach Auf, mit Ona B. und Bergur Nordal, On Space- Vienna, Austria 2021    nudes / no nudes, Jonathan Seiffert Galerie- Vienna, Austria
  • 2020    protest and protect, Feminist Art Museum- online show
  • 2020    Bull in a China Shop, Tchotchke Gallery- New York, USA
  • 2020    Johnny’s Vienna’s finest, Jonathan Seiffert Galerie- Vienna, Austria
  • 2020    Caught in a Loop, Einflussraum- Vienna, Austria
  • 2020    not lonely, Einflussraum- Vienna, Austria
  • 2020    group show with Art Attach, Loft- Vienna, Austria
  • 2020     the artist appointment, and artist interview with Mariella Pertschy, Süßwasser- Vienna, Austria
  • 2019    “cold stones warm hearts”,  junge Kunst- Vienna, Austria
  • 2019    Book Presentation and reading of “cold stones warm hearts”, Safnarhúsið – Culture House of Reykjavík- Reykjavík, Iceland
  • 2019    Keeping Warmth, Instillation, Icelandic University of the Arts- Reykjavík, Iceland
  • 2018    Art for Peace, Kolja Kramer Galerie, Semperdepot- Vienna, Austria
  • 2018    Young Vienna Surreal, Kolja Kramer Galerie Art Area Brotfabrik- Vienna, Austria
  • 2017    The Figurative Painting Class, Otto Bauer- Vienna, Austria
  • 2017    Junge Kunst VOL.03, Damani- Vienna, Austria
  • 2017   Tschau Ragazzi, Academy of fine Arts- Vienna, Austria




  • 2014    Higher School Certificate, BORG of Music and Art, Hegelgasse 12, 1010 – Vienna, Austria 
  • 2016    Academy of Fine Arts Vienna- Vienna, Austria
  • 2019    Exchange Erasmus Semester at the Icelandic University of the Arts- Reykjavík, Iceland



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