Bibi Lei

Bibi Lei


Bibi Lei (b. 1985, Macau, China) is a Portuguese-Chinese artist based in Tokyo, Japan. Lei describes herself as a “childlike soul that never grows old,” which shines through in her dreamy, playful, and iridescent paintings.


The self-taught artist works intuitively, using her bare hands as her primary tool. Piecing together scenes of purity and wonders while conjuring up a mesmerizing universe of colors and sensations. Unbound gestures form energetic scenes populated by Lei’s signature characters, which she often refers to as the Brave “children” or “girls”.


With curious eyes, the girls interact with one another and bravely explore the fantastical world of each canvas. These little ones have the power to flourish in the world with their color energies. Lei sees her artistic practice as its own interconnected universe, one that continuously evolves with each body of work she creates.


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