Untitled, 2020 Andrew Maughan


Andrew Maughan was born in the United Kingdom in 1987.

After enrolling in North Umbria University, he graduated in 2009 with a BFA, with honors. Today, the artist is furthermore expanding his academic background, taking on a Master of Arts in the Royal Academy of Arts.

In Maughan’s paintings, the sinister is consistently undermined by the mundane. Portraits of a Zodiac-like figure named the Great Assassin, show him guilty of little more than doing nothing: smoking cigarettes and eating ice-cream. His passivity in the face of climate change addresses a specific, familiar brand of moral ambiguity: an awareness of being complicit in the problems of the world, but slow to sacrifice comfort for the cause. Calling on classic spy tropes and suspect photographs, the Great Assassin series seeks to address the role of the media in generating public fear and paranoia, and the political consequences therein.

Maughan is currently based in London, where he continues to gain considerable local and international exposure.



  • 2021    Young Dreams, Août Gallery- Beirut, Lebanon
  • 2020    Premiums, Royal Academy of Arts- London, UK
  • 2019    Return of the Great Assassin, (SOLO) NewBridge Project – Gateshead, UK
  • 2018    Land Grab, Royal Academy Schools, Sadie Coles HQ – London, UK
  • 2017    Worried Mother, Workplace Gallery – Gateshead, UK
  • 2016    Dangerous Cliffs – Glasgow, UK
  • 2016    Nice Waves, NewBridge Project – Newcastle, UK
  • 2016    Five Jobs+, Metal, Albert Dock – Liverpool, UK
  • 2016    McCallister’s, Glasgow International – Glasgow, UK
  • 2015    North, IKON Gallery – Birmingham, UK
  • 2014    Chicken Town, Supercollider – Blackpool, UK
  • 2014    Public Sculptures, (SOLO) New Bridge Projects – Newcastle, UK
  • 2013    Riff/t, BALTIC39 – Newcastle, UK
  • 2013    Deuce Deuce, Generator Projects – Dundee, UK
  • 2013    Jesmonite on Paper, A3 Project Space – Birmingham, UK
  • 2013    Jesmonite on Paper, Malgras|Naudet – Manchester, UK
  • 2013    Now You See It, Now You Don’t, Terrace Studios –  London, UK
  • 2013    Summer Fete, Ceri Hand Gallery – London, UK

  • 2013    A3 Works, A3 Project Space – Birmingham, UK
  • 2012    CAVE, Liverpool Biennial – Liverpool, UK


  • 2011    I Can’t Follow You If You Don’t Move, Rouge – Manchester, UK
  • 2011    I Can’t Follow You If You Don’t Move, Northend Gallery – Detroit, USA
  • 2011    I Can’t Follow You If You Don’t Move, Royal Standard –  Liverpool, UK


  • 2018- 2021    Royal Academy of Arts – London, UK
  • 2009    BA (Hons)Fine Art, Northumbria University – Newcastle, UK
  • 2005    Newcastle College – Newcastle, UK


  • 2015    a-n Venice Biennale Bursary
  • 2014    Arts Council England Grants for the Arts
  • 2013    Arcade, Summer Residency – London, UK
  • 2012    Arts Council England Grants for the Arts, Touring Curated Exhibitions
  • 2011    Arts Council England Grants for the Arts, Two-Person Touring Exhibitions


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